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Good Taste Magazine

Good Taste Magazine

Q & A with Sasha Dae


 : Why would you recommend yoga over other forms of exercise ?
Yoga compliments other forms of exercising, it is excellent for cross training and especially surfing.
If you are a weights person or prefer your high intensity cardio training, stretching and improving flexibility with yoga works wonders with your current sport and aiding in your current physical strength and mental strength (training towards a race for example or scaling a mountain). Yoga also improves your breathing technique and balance, which improves your current workout drastically.


: What areas of the body does it work the most ?
yoga means to unite or join, it yokes the mind body and spirit, it ‘works’ the energetic body, however, it has a systemic organizing effect on all 5 levels of healing.


: How long is it until you start to see a difference physically and mentally ?
By practicing yoga 3 times a week, you’ll start to feel a difference by at least the 3rd week of ‘ training ’ when flexibility has increased and mind learns how to release, relax and become more patient.
: How many times a week do you recommend you should practice yoga ?
Daily yoga (even a short 20 minute session) works wonders. Otherwise 3- 4 times a week for at least 90 minutes.


: Why would you recommend becoming a yoga teacher ?
to be of service to others, to heal yourself and to release past samskaras.


: Do you also teach the spiritual element of yoga ?
Yes, the ultimate goal of yoga is meditation


: It is said you need to practice something for 10,000 hours before you become an expert at it; do you think 200 hours is enough training to become a teacher?
The practice of yoga becomes a way of life, in the teaching there is also learning, and vice versa, my 216 hour program gives students the tools necessary to begin teaching anyone at any level, I consider my skill set as ‘my house of yoga’ we start by clearing space or ground for the foundations, then begin laying the foundation and continue building up from there.


: How long have you been practicing yoga ?
I started at age 4, taught by my grandmother during summer vacations on our family farm, (she began practicing in her twenties, a Vivekananda yogini) I lost interest in yoga as a teenager but became deeply rooted in my practice in 2003, after a spiritual awakening or god experience in the waterfall called Mala Noche, deep in the jungles of Nosara, Costa Rica.


: How did you train to become a teacher ?
I have a lot of prior experience in teaching; arts, horseback riding, piano, graphic design, IT and general computing. After my re-awakening I had a spiritual download of knowledge, I came back to yogic studying and began practicing intensely, I took several teacher trainings and workshops, followed online teachers and podcasts. In 2005 I opened my yoga studio, Ananda Yoga. In 2008 I developed my Teacher Training program. Thus, I have accumulated over 2000 hours teaching, but I still take classes and workshops to continue to grow and learn from other teachers.


: Have you trained in Dubai before ?
No, this will be my first time to Dubai and I am very excited and honored to be given this opportunity.

: Where else have you trained ?
Canada, USA and Costa Rica


: Do you think Dubai is a good place to practice yoga ?
Yes, the yoga market is still a niche one but there are very eager Yogis and a lot of international clients who have either trained for several years or complete beginners to yoga looking to try out Yoga. The market here is always open to new styles of Yoga – it isn’t saturated yet and too demanding / picky.


: How long before a yoga session should you eat – what with all that bending about! Also, should you eat anything in particular ?
Being well hydrated is paramount, drinking enough water throughout the day, not sodas or juices, start your morning with a large glass of water with a squeeze of lemon will help your system enormously… eat your heaviest meal midday. At least 2 hours before class eat something light, like fruit and yogurt, so your stomach will be cleared by the time you get to class and avoid any irritation (heartburn for example). Look for foods that are easily digested like soups, fruits and vegetables. Avoid dense foods such as fried foods, meat and heavy grains like bran or kasha. White cheese on toast / yogurt and nuts / rice are fine. After class, gauge how hungry you are and eat another small easy-to-digest meal.


: How much money can you make as a yoga teacher ?
Group classes can range between 150 – 400 AED ( $40 – 100 USD ) per hour whereas private one-on-one sessions can range between 200 – 250 AED ( $55 – 70 USD ) for an hour or hour and a half long.


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