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Restorative Testimonial

Restorative Yoga Therapy Testimonial

by Jeff Ostheimer
Registered Acupuncturist
Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor


I have been in private practice for more than eight years treating varied disorders including MS, neck and back trauma with neurological deficit, women’s health issues, digestive disorders and osteoarthritis.  Over these years I have come to appreciate that the one thing that all of these disorders have in common… dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system communicates with every cell in the human body, it is the control system that monitors unconscious bodily functions such as breathing, heart rate, blood supply, lymphatic functions, circulation, body temperature, cellular respiration, intestinal motility, metabolism, muscle tonus and many other activities. It is the most fundamental system in our body. This incredible system is constantly awake giving feedback and responding to the central nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system has been chronically overtaxed in most humans due to excessively stressful lifestyles. The system is constantly bombarded by negative influences such as a toxic environment, noise, pollution, allergens, electromagnetic radiation, infectious agents, nutritional deficiencies and a general lack of peace.

In cases of osteoarthritis of the hips, the onset and progression of virtually every case I have treated can be traced to either hip trauma or biomechanical dysfunction of the hip.  In both cases, trauma and biomechanical dysfunction lead to autonomic dysfunction and vasoconstriction of blood vessels leading to the hip joint and increased muscular tightness.  Simply put, autonomic dysfunction leads to reduced blood supply to the hip and thus, accelerated degeneration.

Restorative yoga heals autonomic dysfunction.

When I practice restorative yoga with Sasha utilizing the insight of my clinical experience and studies, more and more I am gaining a deep appreciation for the wisdom layered into this practice. Sasha Dae is extremely gifted and skilled in guiding the client to meet muscular tightness and resistance with conscious breathing.  It is the meeting of resistance with conscious and mindful breathing that heals autonomic dysfunction.  Resistance and muscular tightness equates to sympathetic dominant communication to a tissue or region.  This is a stress response and the body cannot heal in this state.

Restorative yoga promotes parasympathetic dominance, this a healing state.
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PHD, calls this state a ‘yin state’, a place of being where healing blood, oxygen and nutrients are delivered directly to the stressed tissue, region or organ.


Without hesitation, I recommend Sasha’s restorative yoga program to all those seeking a higher level of wellness.  This is certainly not limited to musculoskeletal disorders.  Restorative yoga is highly beneficial for endocrine disorders, anxiety, digestive disorders and promotes the discharge of toxins by decongesting the liver and gall bladder.  In women’s health, the inverted postures benefit all tissues, glands and organs of the pelvic cavity.  In short, by promoting healing of the autonomic nervous system, there is virtually no disorder or illness that would not benefit from a series of restorative yoga sessions.


Jeff Ostheimer