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Food, Fasting, Water and Sun Yoga

18 May Posted by in What's New | Comments
Food, Fasting, Water and Sun Yoga
Fasting is very good for the body, but one should not be working or doing much physically when fasting, this would be a time to give the body a break and rest in order to renew the system. Often times I only eat one normal sized or even small meal around 11am and a then a salad with quinoa or rice at dinner time or fruit or nothing. I drink a lot of water, herbal teas and consume copious amounts of fruits. Oranges are the King of Fruits! You can live on them as well as Bananas and Coconuts. When I am working a heavy schedule I eat regular meals, at least two per day.

There is also a supplemental practice of eating the sun, sun worship or sun yoga, as it is also known. This was practiced in ancient times by the Egyptians and is rarely known of today. It consists of meditating on the sun at sun rise and sun set, in the approximate 30 minutes of rising and before setting. Looking at the sun during the day will damage the eyes but at the time of rising and setting it is beneficial practice, as it charges the body with light rays of the sun. The Egyptians also held precious stones and metals in their hands as they practiced this technique. I have been practicing Sun Yoga for the past 8 years as well as Barefoot walking, I almost never wear shoes. I have noticed more lightness, vibrancy, strength and flexibility in my body as well as less requirement for solid foods. But Water, I drink a lot of purified Kangen Water. Namaste.

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