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Sample from our Menu

30 Jul Posted by in Retreats, Vacations, What's New, Wisdom | Comments
Sample from our Menu

What’s for Dinner?

One of the most important parts of taking a healthy vacation is how you choose to nourish your body, be it the activities you do or don’t do, the naps you take and the foods you eat. Getting away from your every day routine, enveloped in tropical jungle, you will be able to asses unhealthy habits and patterns that may have formed or, you just might realize what is essentially good for you, what feels supportive to your body on a daily basis.

We not only absorb energy through our food, we receive energy through our pranic centers; the chakra system of the body. Prana, life force, is absorbed through the chakra system in its energetic form, through the nose, mouth, ears, eyes, third eye, root and skin as air, vibration and light.

Leading a Breatharian lifestyle was something that I had only heard about, it peaked my curiosity so I read up on it, and at that time I wrote off as quite improbable if not impossible, people just trying to be publicized. It wasn’t until many years later, and I was living with a very different mindset and lifestyle, that I was given the opportunity to become initiated into the Breatharian way of life. I have found that you can get by on very little food, but you can not get by on little air.

Air is a first class food.

That being said, I do love food! Mom home cooked most of our meals from organics and family recipes, her mom, sister and other daughter also avid in the kitchen.
As a somewhat picky eater, I prefer to snack on light raw foods through out the day and having one or two larger meals with no set ‘meal times’.
A chai tea and our key lime fruit nut bar is a favorite afternoon treat, I’ll take french toast or a soft boiled egg any time of day.

Below is a sampling of what foods you may find yourself eating on any given day during a retreat here at Nosarananda  –  read more here

Sample Menu ~

filtered water with lemon and mint
herbal tea
noni shot
papaya fruit

banana smoothie
yogurt with quinoa, sprouted almonds and honey

beet, ginger, carrot juice
green salad
fruit nut bar
water or tea with lemon and mint

lightly steamed green bean and baby corn salad with parmesan
black bean couscous with coconut ginger chutney
mango lassie
herbal tea

Read More – Check out our Cuisine


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