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Unplug, Detox and Restore

Unplug, Detox and Restore

Get out of the city, venture into tropical jungle to heal your body and spirit! Strip those layers of electro smog and chemicals from your system. You will definitely trim up by losing a few pounds, how about increasing your lungs capacity to bring oxygen to your blood, give your liver a break, unwind, destress or simply have some solo time to reflect?.. Consider our Detox Retreat, here in Nosara, Costa Rica; we pride ourselves on delicious food, juice fasts, dynamic yoga, healing therapies with amazing results and individually personalized care.

Why not make your next holiday a healthy one?

Which Retreat is Right for You?
When considering a detox holiday, it’s good to set your intentions by thinking about what you want to receive.

Destination spas are divided into group or individual retreats…
On a group retreat all  guests arrive and depart on the same day and you may have to share a room or apartment unless you pay for single / private occupancy. All guests dine on the same food together and do most activities together, except spa treatments of course. These retreats are a great option if you wanting some social interaction.

Individual retreats are a much more personalized approach to detoxing. You arrive on whatever day of the week suits you, dine at a time convenient to you off à la carte menus and take activities as you feel like it. A program is designed for you by a wellness consultant who assesses your personal needs and goals for your holiday. These retreats are ideal for those seeking deep solo time or traveling with a partner.

How to Best Prepare Yourself
It’s hot here, you will sweat off many layers, so work to increase you consumption of water and herbal teas.
Reducing intake of caffeine and processed sugar at least two weeks before arrival, know that the sudden removal of either may cause headaches and constipation.
Leave your laptop, cell phone and electronic gadgets at home, if you are not able to, then hand them over at reception. Constant electro smog sends stress levels sky high, many retreats ban the use of laptops and mobile phones from public areas to ensure less disturbance.

Pack lightly and leave the fancy shoes at home. We encourage you to be Barefoot as much as possible.

What to Expect
It normally takes at least few days to decompress, to truly unwind and relax, at least week. Most people make the error of attempting to fill their days with activities, as if they are back home or in the office. We will encourage you to remember that you are a Human Being not a Human Doing. Staying present by focusing on the Breath, taking things much more slowly and giving yourself permission to just stop and do Nothing.

Our programs provide you with tools necessary to live a healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition, while detoxifying the body and cleaning the system. After a process of detoxification, the blood is more pure and every cell in the body is nourished. A seven-day retreat is ideal, a 10-day one even more beneficial and if you can afford two to three weeks in time and money then book right in. When traveling overseas for a detox do give yourself 48 hours in a nearby city stopover to conquer the jet lag before throwing yourself into the retreat oasis.

Be forewarned, day three can be uncomfortable, especially if you choose a detox retreat, as the toxins release themselves from the body you may feel lethargic and irritable. By day four or five you will notice a distinct increase in energy and day seven you will barely recognize your new self.

Benefits of a Detox Retreat
Detox can bring many and varied benefits, often beyond all expectations.
Here are just a few of them:

  • Greater vitality and more consistent energy
  • Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Better elimination and bowel health
  • Improvement in fertility (men and women)
  • Relief from chronic skin problems, like eczema, psoriasis and acne
  • Hormonal balance – to help alleviate PMS, blood sugar imbalances and mood    swings
  • Weight loss and enhanced metabolic function
  • Heightened immune system
  • Greater emotional / mental well-being and happiness
  • A sense of spiritual unfolding
  • Experience a life free from pain and ill-health

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